Livorno shore excursions: details

Visiting Tuscany is a unique experience for those who admire Italy for the first time and want to visit the most beautiful places in terms of history, culture and tradition of the entire peninsula. For those with limited time available, as in the case of those that touch on the Italian coast during a cruise, Livorno shore excursions allow you to visit, if only for a few hours, the most impressive and significant monuments of Tuscany and its incredible features.

Those who want to organize Livorno Shore excursions absolutely needs to be driven in the route planning by competent and professional staff who can suggest to their clients how to optimize the times so as to see as possible monuments, accompanied by a guide and a driver who can give them all the attention and time required.


When you want to organize a shore excursion from Livorno, moving easily between neighboring cities it is essential to make sure you see the most interesting and characteristic places. An interesting tour could predict a departure from Livorno and then reach some of the city symbol of Tuscany including Florence, with a walking tour in the Field of Miracles and an interesting visit to the Uffizi Gallery, Pisa, to see the famous leaning tower and more including more open markets and local products to admire and buy.

The convenience of organizing the Livorno shore excursions is the possibility to easily reach all the most interesting from Livorno city nearby in a few minutes by car. The most comprehensive tour and suitable for all needs also allow to have a driver who speaks perfect English and can help in the indication of the places and in their initial description without any problem making the visitor feel in a new environment but every family event.

But what you can see really you are deciding to entrust to someone who organize for you a shore excursion of this type? The possibilities are many and highly customizable all based on the tastes and needs of each other’s time. For those who choose the Livorno shore excursions we are definitely recommended to visit Florence, the historical and economic center of the entire region. In Florence there is a real open-air museum, the Field of Miracles, which is really a must for its beauty.

Tourists from around the world every day and all year choose to visit Pisa to see up close the famous leaning tower, architectural work realized in Cathedral Square since 1173. This bell, majestic for its height, it surely so famous also and especially because of its visible slope that makes it unique in its kind.

Deciding to take a shore excursion is to enter into contact with totally unknown and unexplored places in which to be guided by experienced local people who will put at your disposal all its expertise in order to make your holiday a pleasure without end.