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Sunny Days and Sapphire Seas: A Sardinia Yacht Charter

There are endless reasons to charter a superyacht in Sardinia. The beaches—blinding white and powder soft—are regularly voted amongst the world’s best. The marine life is some of the finest in the Mediterranean. The boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife are exceedingly glamorous, and there are decadent beach clubs to indulge your love of partying under the Mediterranean sun, and blissful high-end spas to pamper the summer days away.

Alghero-Sardinia- Porticciolo Beach with Nuraghe old tower

You could very easily spend a happy few weeks cruising along the coastline of Sardinia on a charter yacht, dropping anchor in one paradise cove after next, waking each morning to dive off the swim platform into sapphire seas shot through with sunlight, sunbathing and picnicking on sugar-white sands. The limestone coast is riddled with caves and rock pools for exploration, and the nearby islands hold endless treasures, promising clear turquoise lagoons and nature reserves of wild and quiet beauty.

Costa Smeralda

On a yacht charter in Sardinia, every day is a new adventure of breathtaking beauty—whether kayaking among the giant boulders of Lavezzi lagoon, diving the shipwrecks off Cagliari, or strolling along coastal pathways with cliffs and wildflowers to either side. When night falls, you can enjoy an elegant, candlelit meal on the deck of your yacht, or try one of the famous restaurants of the glittering seaside towns of Porto Cervo or Porto Rotunda, where the lights of the superyachts reflect across the marina and the beautiful people stroll along in the warm night air.

lavezzi Islands

Yet that is not all there is to sunny Sardinia— not by far. For behind the superyacht scene of Porto Cervo and the stunning beaches of the Costa Smeralda, there is a tranquil Mediterranean heart to this perfect slice of Italy. Quiet villages dot the coast, their cluster of terracotta roofs rising above pretty little marinas dotted with colourful fishing boats. Markets line cobbled squares, and fragrant citrus groves release their oils in the heat of the Mediterranean sun. Behind the coast, rolling vineyards give way to the forests of oak and emerald pine which cloak the low mountains. Donkey paths wind through the rugged interior, where wild horses and sheep graze their way across steep fields, and ancient tombs, lava domes, and nuraghic ruins are reminders of Sardinia’s ancient past.


From its superb beaches and dazzling marinas to its wild and mountainous centre, Sardinia is one of the ultimate places for a Mediterranean yachting vacation. To find out more about chartering a yacht in Sardinia next summer, visit Worth Avenue Yachts, who are luxury Sardinia yacht charter vacations specialists. For more in-depth Sardinia info visit the official tourist guide here SardegnaTurismo and you’ll also find events calendar. And here see nice insights on when to go and average monthly temperatures in Sardinia.


Top 5 Travel destinations to plan for 2017

Many people want to know what are the most worthwhile places they should go on their vacation during holiday season. You would be looking for places where you can do a lot of interesting things as you are hoping for your holiday trip to be as exciting as it can be. The following are the top 5 places where you go for your holiday in 2017.


  1. New York

New York is famous for the status of liberty which is stands as the landmark of the United States. Manhattan is located in New York and you will get opportunities to visit tall skyscraper buildings like Empire State Building, Chrysler Builder, One Vanderbilt, Central Park Tower and 30 Rockefeller Plaza. In New York, you can find a variety of restaurants of different cultures. There are a lot of brand name chain shopping malls and fashion boutiques. You can also find people selling knockoffs on the streets.


  1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is bike friendly city with a large network of bicycle trails. Many tourists would rent bicycles from the local bicycle rental shops and ride on the road along with the cars in Amsterdam. If you enjoy nature, you should visit Keukenhof where you can view thousands of colorful tulips in the garden. The tulips blossoming period is from March 20 – May 18. Amsterdam has a lot of canal bridges with architecture design tracing back to the 17th century where you can stroll with your friends and family members. You can rent houseboat and live under the canals if you want.


  1. Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the cultural capital of Israel with many restaurants and cafes opening for 24 hours every day. Tourists interested in visiting can take flights to Tel Aviv at a budget air fare from their local airports. In Tel Aviv, you will find a lot of coffee shops that serve coffee drinks, for example LovEat offers coffee drinks made from organic coffee beans and Mae offers coffee drinks made from coffee beans imported via Costa Rica.


There are lots of good restaurants with famous chef serving the local cuisine such as Eyal Shani, and Meir Adoni. If you enjoy watching dance performance, you can visit musical performance theaters such as Habima, Beit Lessin, and Timuna. If you want to buy clothes, you can go to Dizengoff Street. Sheinkin Street also offer a lot of clothing boutiques. Large and small museums can be found throughout the city of Tel Aviv including Museum of the Daspora, Beit Hatfutsot and Bauhaus Museum.


  1. Hanoy

Hanoy is a city for people who enjoying motorcycle ride. It is advised that you ride the bike in places where there are fewer cars instead of in the highway for safety reasons. You can visit the Hanoi night market on Friday and Satuday night to buy all kinds of items. The night market is held at the Hang Dao and Hang Giay street. Tourists can board on the sleeper train to Lo Cai where you can explore mountain villages. The national tuong theater offers 5 scenes of the famous local puppet performance every Thursday and Friday.


  1. Sydney

The Sydney Opera House which is located by the harbor is the landmark of Sydney. It is the work of the genius architect named Jorn Ultzon in 1966. Sydney is located by the ocean so there are a lot of beaches that you can visit here such as Palm Beach, Bondi Beach, Shark Beach, and Clovelly Beach. There are lots of restaurants that serve delicious food such as Kawa’s Cafe and Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. There are a lot of beautiful lawns where you can sit down and watch the scenery while enjoying a walk or a picnic.

What to Do and See in Seattle This January

When you are traveling to Seattle this January, you will likely be interested in knowing what types of events will be worth your time. Not to worry – Seattle offers plenty of events and attractions all year long, and January is no exception. Here are a few of the top landmarks you should make time to visit, as well as some of the local events you may want to attend.


Viewing the Landmarks

If you haven’t yet been to Seattle – or if you have, but didn’t have time to go sightseeing – make sure that you take some time to visit a few of the landmarks for which this spectacular city is famous. The Space Needle is always worth seeing (the view will leave you breathless). The vibrantly hued glass gardens at Chihuly Garden and Glass makes a gorgeous sight to see in the wintertime. Pike Place Market offers a dazzling array of restaurants, shops, and virtually all of the delicacies you could ever hope to find in one place. The Seattle Public Library is an architectural delight, and the visit is free, of course. The Chinatown International District is a great place to eat a meal, and the view of Mount Rainier from a local ferry is sure to be one to remember.

January Events in Seattle

Once you’ve had a chance to experience some of the unique landmarks and activities in Seattle, you may also want to attend an event or two (or more if you plan to be in town for several days). You will certainly not be bored during your January trip!

If you enjoy cabaret, you won’t want to miss “Wonderland” on January 4. This sparkly winter show will be made available by the Can Can Kitchen and Cabaret – you can attend the show at 94 Pike St.

Those who enjoy a great art crawl will want to catch the Art Walk in Pioneer Square on January 5. This monthly party features fabulous food, as well as plenty of drink specials worth considering. You can join the party at 315 2nd Ave S.

One January beer festival you might not want to pass up is the Washington Belgian Fest at the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center, located at 305 Harrison St. The exact dates for this event have not yet been released to the public, but you may consult the website for further details.

If you’ll be traveling with children, you will have much to consider. You might take the little ones to the Sheraton Seattle at 1400 6th Ave on January 1; there, they will be able to explore the fascinating scenes of the Wizarding World Gingerbread Village (the display is available throughout December, and the last day to see it will be the first of January) . Your kids may also appreciate the Festivals of Light at the Seattle Children’s Museum, which will be available through January 15. You may also bring the youngest boys and girls to Toddler Time at the Seattle Aquarium on several days in January. The Aquarium is located at 1483 Alaskan Way Pier 59.

As you can see, Seattle is the best place to be in January. If you’re fortunate enough to travel to the Emerald City, be sure to explore its famous attractions and local events. You will always find something exciting to do in Seattle.


This article was contributed on behalf of Stita Taxi, a taxi company in Seattle. If you’re looking for a trustworthy taxi company in Seattle, this is the one!


3 Primary Reasons to Attend a Spiritual Retreat

There is a broad range of things that you can do to take time off your busy schedule, but sometimes going on vacation does not yield the expected results. For a deeper and relaxing experience, you should consider attending spiritual retreats several times per year depending on your schedule. Western Spirit Enrichment Center is well known for providing exceptional retreats to couples and families that enjoy spending quality time in a serene and secure environment.

Here are three primary reasons why you should attend spiritual retreats.

Get Clarity about Life

Life has many twists and turns which at some point could blur your perception about the future thereby hindering you from achieving your set goals and objectives. It is very easy to lose you focus when everyday challenges put you between a rock and a hard place. A spiritual retreat can help you get clarity about life by giving you an opportunity to meditate and think deeply about what you are currently going through.

Connect with Nature

In the current highly digitalized world, most people spend their days working on computers and using smartphones. You need to find time to relax to take your productivity to the next level. Unplug from the technology and walk around the unaltered Sedona landscape. The fresh air and cool breezes will help you to relax and unwind. Staring at the stars in the night sky will give you a clear understanding of what matters in your life.

Get a Breakthrough

You need to be in touch with your inherent creativity to get an unbiased understanding of the challenges that you might be facing in life. Stepping away from your routine and attending a spiritual retreat will help you to understand your current situation, how you got where you are, and what you can do to resolve the problems. Inspiration and revelation often strike when you least expect. It is also important to note that solutions appear when you stop “trying” and get the bigger picture.

Indeed, spiritual retreats will have an immensely positive impact on your health and productivity. Be sure to plan well for the retreat to get the best experience.



6 Methods Travel Can change Your Existence

Once a person start going, you may realize the actual change that you experienced. Every encounter in existence teaches a brand new thing. Via travelling a person explore; brand new cultures, brand new people, new experiences also it provides an excellent opportunity to find out ourselves, you learn a lot of things through travelling also it definitely plays an essential role within changing your lifetime and the way in which we believe. So listed here are 6 methods how travel can change your existence.

Travel modifications your viewpoint:

Your method of viewing your personal life experiences can change by seeing the way in which other individuals live. You won’t only become more appreciative for that life you’ve, but additionally, you will have a brand new sense associated with wonder as well as understanding with regard to other ethnicities and nations. You will understand that things will vary all around the world, you’ll assess your personal values which will wide your viewpoint.

Live within the moment:

Travel shows you to reside in the second, whether you’re seeing the actual pyramids associated with Egypt or even exploring the actual beautiful waterways of Amsterdam, it shows you to take the second of amazement and take full advantage of it. Travelling enables you to stop and reside in that second, teaches all of us to unplug as well as explore new areas of ourselves.

Be social:

When you’re travelling, you need to step from your comfort area; you fulfill new individuals, see brand new cultures as well as face a lot of things. So eventually you feel very proficient at making friends from new associates. You will end up more assured meeting unknowns and you’ll bring this along with you.


Travelling is really a process associated with increasing self-knowledge as well as self-confidence where you stand a participant along with a researcher of the inner procedure for growth. When you’re travelling, you learn a lot from your own experiences, you need to do so much that you simply feel well informed in your capability to achieve your own dreams. You’ll be home having a new, fresh mindset and ready for that new problems.

You will end up more employable:

Through travelling you are able to learn individuals skills that can not be taught inside a classroom. You’ve travelled the planet, you possess the best experiences in your life, and you’ve communicated with various kinds of people and also have experienced the various situations that may actually cause you to more employable.

More available to different methods for life:

No nation lives exactly the same way, they’ve different cultures and various beliefs, but whenever you travel in order to different destinations all over the world, you notice how same all of us really tend to be. No issue how different how they live, exactly how different the actual society is actually, there is actually that natural goodness in many people.

Where You need to Travel and also the Five Items to Bring Along with you

One of the very common queries I listen to when speaking with those who are looking to visit is “where must i go? inch. The solution I provide them with is a simple one and that’s “anywhere! inch. What I have found to end up being consistently accurate with everybody I’ve known which has traveled is actually that they have loved everywhere they’ve eliminated. Now, that’s not saying that a few didn’t possess a few tough experiences, but the actual consensus is that you are traveling to determine some other part of the globe, every nation has it’s strengths just such as every nation has a few negative elements. The very first thing I might do is discard every preconceived notion you’ve in your mind about various countries. Right now, that’s not saying go in order to places which are potentially harmful, that’s good sense. But to actually find away where you wish to go I’d look from why you have in mind traveling. Are you searching to visit site observe? Are you buying more organic travel encounter I. at the hiking, climbing, etc.? Or are you searching for a good relaxing holiday with seashores and hand trees? To tell the truth you might really be searching for all those things! A great starting point is along with convenience, are you aware people that live overseas? That’s exactly what propelled me to go to Europe as well as gave me the additional push to actually travel. Following, are you thinking about any particular cultures? I suggest for your very first time traveling, go see something which has captured your eye through the years! It’s a terrific way to ease yourself to the cultural differences america has with virtually every other nation. Overall although, I truly think that you can’t fail wherever a person go, the planet is an attractive place. While traveling there are specific things you shouldn’t be captured without, listed here are my five most significant items…

1. Passport.

This very first one is essential. No issue where a person go, to make it happen you will need your own passport. It’s important that you’ve this along with you nearly all the time. While there are specific countries which are considered secure and pleasant, it is definitely smart to have your own passport along with you in the event of emergencies.

two. Money.

Wherever you’re traveling in order to, make sure you have your cash exchanged to the currency which country utilizes. Don’t end up being that tourist that’s looking to get locals to simply accept the Ough. S. buck bill, no one likes which guy. It’s also important because of emergencies. There happen to be many instances by which my credit/debit card hasn’t worked when I’ve been abroad as well as I needed them immediately. Always possess cash (within the correct foreign currency) available while vacationing.

3. Book.

Now I understand this 1 seems a little odd, but you’d be surprised from how useful a book really might be. Just through getting 1 word away correctly many people can figure out that which you are requesting or that which you want to tell all of them. If you aren’t fortunate enough to possess a guide along with you who talks the organic language, a wallet dictionary might really go quite a distance.

4. Drinking water.

This is a different one that seems odd but is really a must when you are walking the actual streets of the foreign town. You need to remember these cities tend to be much diverse from american metropolitan areas. When a person go up to and including restaurant and get for the glass associated with water they’ll in fact ask you for or actually refuse. It is a safe wager, especially when it is hot, to transport a container of water on your own. You’ll say thanks to me later on.

5. The Smile!

Corny, I understand, but it truly is so accurate! Be the happy visitor, be happy that you are exploring brand new places. Even though it’s not that which you expected, appreciate just becoming there. I see more and more people that tend to be miserable whilst they’re on holiday because it is too warm or these people didn’t reach do exactly what they desired to do. My personal advice, opt for the circulation and continue smiling.

Have you thought about Travel Insurance coverage?

Have a person ever considered travel insurance coverage before going for a special journey or holiday? Travel insurance is really a quick recuperation solution once the unforeseen turns up to wreck best set plans.


I like to journey. In truth, my spouse and Recently i made a significant life alter and proceed to have better chance to travel more regularly. After years of residing in the south west, we relocated towards the Piedmont section of North Carolina.

Because retirees, we now have spent the time searching for historical sites within the U. Utes. and North america. Our previous home condition required lots of air travel to get at our faves haunts, but now we are able to even discover into Brand new England as well as Canada through car as well as train.

I don’t believe we’re unique at all. Travel business statistics keep out which from day time trips in order to vacations in order to business jaunts the majority of Americans journey often.

The actual U. Utes. Travel Organization states that people spend more than $600 million on leisure time travel, each domestic as well as international. Leisure outings alone inside the U. Utes. account with regard to over 75% of travel.

As enjoyable as getting from it just about all is, it’s a rare occurrence our trips usually go because planned. Points will as well as do occur, especially whenever children are participating.

Aside in the excitement associated with hopping within the family vehicle or getting on the plane, just about everyone has one common aspect in our wanderlust. We rarely think about the “what if” component.

I’m not talking about what basically don’t have some fun on my personal trip, let’s say we can’t stand our location, what when the weather becomes ugly, and so forth. I’m talking about the let’s say one people gets ill or includes a medical crisis or all of us face another major journey disruption, such as cancellation.

You may be surprised to understand that journey cancellations perform actually occur at absolutely no fault towards the party dropping out as well as injuries aren’t uncommon possibly. These unexpected events carry both burden associated with emotional tension and out-of-pocket price.

Let’s take a look at a family creating a trek throughout country for any long expected family wedding ceremony. Everything is actually packed, personal products checked from the list, dress clothing carefully stowed for that big day time, excitement as well as anticipation arriving along because traveling buddies. And then throughout the trip, they’ve their baggage stolen.

Staggering to consider not question, this happens a lot more than you may decide to consider. Added towards the shock of coping with this abroad is the cash they’ll invest getting back on the right track. In this case, travel insurance may help save your day.

There are reasons to consider travel cover, but consideration must get as in order to whether you actually need this. Bearing in your mind that journey insurance is really a limited scenario product, sometimes it makes sense to purchase a policy.

Just like most insurance you will find exclusions included. Common types include: pre-existing problems, elective surgical treatment, war as well as terrorism, and damage or illness brought on by alcohol or even drug make use of. You have to know what an insurance policy will as well as won’t include before purchasing.

Also, realize policy meanings and clarifications. Searching back upon our wedding ceremony scenario, stolen baggage isn’t covered if you have been negligent. While carelessness is clear to see, the insurance provider decides why is up carelessness and their own definitions can be very broad.

The reason behind travel as well as destination tend to be equally essential selection elements. Is there high-risk involved, like a dangerous politics climate along with some risk of kidnapping or even imprisonment?

Are you doing the volunteer objective stint within an area associated with unrest or even natural disaster? You do not have to travel not even close to home to locate this.

What concerning the activities you will be getting involved in? Is whitened water rafting included? Or climbing, wilderness hiking, scuba scuba diving, or additional extreme exercise?

Think regarding special needs you might have that might require travel cover. As We noted previously, we tend to be spending the retirement many years traveling. Our Medicare insurance coverage doesn’t extend beyond america.

In truth, the final time all of us were within Canada all of us hadn’t arrived at the miracle Medicare grow older. Now that people have, our next day at Canada includes a ‘look see’ from insurance choices.

For a visit we’re likely to Europe following year, we will have to take an extremely serious consider the medical finish of points. Also, your personal employer backed family insurance could also have a few limitations outside the provider area that must definitely be considered.

You might discover you don’t have valid reason to get a trip insurance plan. Your conventional health plan may lengthen to from network or even travel overseas. It might only possess certain exeptions that do not affect a person. You might have personal funds to cover an unpredicted disruption or even cancellation. Credit cards would fill up this space, too. You might not travel frequently or much enough at home to spend the cash on an insurance policy.

As a final word, travel cover can decrease personal danger before any kind of extended journey or 1 involving a meeting that can not be duplicated. It may be your save your day solution.

Interstellar Journey: INTER-GALACTIC JOURNEY – The actual Straight As well as Simple Method to Solve IGT Difficulties

The directly and simple method to solve inter-galactic journey (IGT) is actually: (1) gentle speed as well as near gentle speed isn’t required for inter-solar program travel, interstellar journey or inter-galactic journey. (two) usually of usb 15% associated with light pace is all that’s required for interstellar journey (THIS) as well as inter-galactic journey (IGT). (3) once an area project is actually planned for those contingencies that could arise the craft or perhaps a projectile is actually accelerated in order to 25K miles/sec and can reach additional stars as well as galaxies within the near perfect vacuum associated with interstellar and/or inter-galactic room with very little resistance in order to its speed. Though this particular space is really a near vacuum it’s not completely bare.

The the majority of concentrated material areas of space tend to be solar techniques (our’s and additional solar techniques). Solar techniques are full of rocks of each and every size as well as type as much as planet dimension and that are large round rocks. Numerous with adsorbtive levels called atmospheres. Rocks as Kuper kind belts, Ort kind clouds, asteroid belts, comets, meteors of each and every size, and so on. Hence: solar techniques are concentrated regions of space with regard to material and therefore are filled along with electrical, plasmic as well as magnetic areas. But nevertheless solar program space is actually exceptionally bare and tenuous certainly. And interstellar room is much more so as well as inter-galactic space much more still.

Therefore: the world is room and space is really a field. As a result it offers very little resistance (in the point by itself of 0%) to some projectile heading or vacationing any range. Including enormous amounts, trillions, quadrillions, quintillions or even sextillions associated with miles. Including inter-galactic room. Inter-solar program miles have been in the hundreds of millions to many or much more billions. Interstellar miles have been in the 10’s associated with trillions. A minimum of the ones we are able to get to inside a human lifetime (120 many years by Guinness guide standards). Inter-galactic miles have been in the hundreds of quadrillions in order to 100’s associated with quintillions. A minimum of the ones we are able to get in order to within 20 zillion years.

All three of those: ISST, IT as well as IGT are reached within the identical bodily way. An item (projectile or even craft) through our Planet or the solar program is faster to really high-speed as well as left to visit indefinitely by itself to it’s destination via immense magnitudes associated with miles. The actual travel period for inter-solar program travel is actually several times (the Moon) in order to 10-20 many years (Kuper Belt as well as beyond) or even within 120 many years at 10-25 miles/sec. Journey time with regard to interstellar journey for superstars 4. 3-15 gentle years is actually 35-120 many years at 25K miles/sec. Journey time with regard to inter-galactic journey for galaxies inside 2. 5 zillion light many years is 1. 3-20 zillion years from 25K miles/sec.

The actual speed with regard to ISST is actually 25 miles/sec. For this is 25K miles/sec. With regard to IGT is actually 25K miles/sec. The techniques for ISST tend to be rockets, satellites as well as probes of many types. The way of IT is actually – THE ACTUAL JOHNSON TRAIN. The way of IGT is actually: to end up being found. Of that exits and you will be found. This is actually the straight as well as simple method to solve Inter-Galactic Journey.

Xmas Gifts with regard to Travel Fans

Travel Stub Journal

If you realize a journey fanatic that loves saving all the various boarding goes by, museum seats and info leaflets these people collect while on vacation why not get them this Journey Stub Journal. This guide is large enough for the travel lover to maintain notes, yet little enough to transport around together on their own adventures.

GoPro Leading man Camera

The GoPro Hero may be the perfect basic level GoPro as well as makes recording action as well as sharing it using the world additional easy. The Hero is really a compact, lightweight sports activities camera that’s been used through professional sports athletes, sports filmmakers as well as adrenaline junkies all over the world.

SteriPEN Tourist Handheld UV Drinking water Purifier

Buying gift for any real adventurer? The SteriPEN can make safe h2o with pace and relieve. This device destroys a lot more than 99. 9% associated with bacteria as well as viruses with nearly all models reusable as much as 8. 000 litres causeing this to be present excellent affordable.

1, 000 Places To determine Before A person Die

If the one you love is a genuine travel nut, chances are they do not need a lot more inspiration however, this quantity 1 Ny Times bestseller is actually both the wish list along with a practical manual. With a lot more than 200 brand new entries, this modified second release has recommendations for places to remain, restaurants in order to sample as well as festivals to look at. This edition can also be more spending budget conscious compared to last.

Transportable Door/Multipurpose Security alarm

If your son or daughter has the travel pail list created out for that New 12 months, give your self some satisfaction with the portable door/multipurpose security alarm. The Mace transportable door/multipurpose alarm could be temporarily installed on the door or even carried like a personal security alarm. With an entire host associated with security functions, this alarm is ideal for young or even solo vacationers and concerned parents/grandparents.

Passport-concealing clothes

Did you realize that 33% of travel insurance coverage claims tend to be for dropped or taken possessions? Or that each day, approximately 400, 000 pickpocket occurrences occur all over the world? Make certain your cherished one’s possessions are secure with clothing in the Clever Journey Companion. From under garments to t-shirts as well as tank tops these things are 100% pickpocket evidence!

AeroPress transportable coffeemaker

Travel is a superb way in order to open your brain but frequently, there isn’t any substitute with regard to creature conveniences. If your own intrepid explorer loves a great walk, then this particular portable coffee machine is an ideal gift. This lightweight coffee machine produces scrumptious coffee inside 30 mere seconds! The AeroPress has a year’s way to obtain micro filter systems, a espresso scoop, a espresso stirrer as well as micro filtration system holder and may be used with a typical sized cup.

Rome Is a Home to Tours and Many Fabulous Sites

Whether you travel by bus or take a tour on foot, you cannot help but be impressed by the Italian capital. Rome is one of those destinations that invigorates travellers, given its many sites and attractions. The main area of Rome that tourists first see is very condensed. The ancient city features a maze of cobbled alleys and lanes around such fabulous attractions as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. There are only a few contemporary roadways where public transport or tour buses can pass. Therefore, regardless of the type of tour you take, you will walk a lot.

The Roman Forum and Colosseum

The Roman Forum and Colosseum are south or next to the ancient city, as is the Vatican, which is located on the north side of Rome. While it is possible to walk all over Rome, even in the heat of summer, the jaunt can also be draining. If you take a bus, the vehicle will drop you at the entry of an attraction. All the major places you see will provide audio guides so you can fully enjoy what you are seeing.

The Most Visited Sites

On a tour, whether by bus or foot, the most visited sites include:

  • The Colosseum
  • St. Peter’s Basilica
  • The Vatican Museums
  • The Spanish Steps
  • The Trevi Fountain
  • The Pantheon
  • Basilica di San Giovanni
  • Capitoline Museum
  • Borghese Gallery
  • Piazza Navona

Hop on and Hop Off Sightseeing Buses

If you are independent-minded, you may want to opt for seeing Rome on a hop on and hop off sightseeing bus. This way, you can stop off at the attractions you wish and enjoy your travel with added flexibility.

Rome Sightseeing Buses

Rome tours are often provided by tour buses that stop at all the top-tier sites, such as the Colosseum, Vatican and Roman Forum. All the tour buses drop you off at the main attraction but, because of a lack of access, there are substantial differences in the routes taken to get to, for instance, the Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps.

Three Highlights of Rome Bus Tours

Three of the top places that are seen on Rome bus tours are the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and Piazza Navona. The Colosseum, which is one of the city most revered landmarks, is a highlight of most bus tours. You can hop off the bus and take photos, or stay on the transport and learn more about the building’s history by way of an interactive tour.

Another site of note is St. Peter’s Basilica, which is the centre of the Roman Catholic Church. You can’t help but notice the structure’s imposing dome, as it is one of the city skyline’s prevailing features. Guests normally get off the bus to view the amazing artwork of Michelangelo, and see the sweeping views of the city from the top of the building.

Tour buses also regularly stop at the Piazza Navona. With its marble statues and three big fountains, the attraction enables visitors to enjoy a repast outside and admire the architecture. If you want to make sure you return to Rome, toss a coin into the basin of the Trevi Fountain. Throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, and with your back to the fountain. Tradition demands that you don’t look back while tossing the coin.