Discover the hidden gems of Wales with a British staycation

A holiday should be a fun and relaxing experience but arranging flights abroad, with long hours of travelling and packing restrictions, can leave you feeling less than refreshed. Arranging a holiday in the UK can be a stress-free option. Shorter travel times, flexible accommodation choices and no language barrier or foreign currency to master are just a few of the reasons why staycations have become an increasingly popular option. With plenty to do and a wealth of stunning countryside to explore, Wales is a fabulous holiday destination for all the family.

Stunning scenery

One of the big draws of Wales is its spectacular landscapes, from the bold mountains to the green lush valleys. The National Parks of Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons offer unrivalled opportunities to enjoy perfectly unspoilt surroundings with plenty of dramatic views. If you want a break from the mountains, Wales also has some truly stunning beaches, with Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula and Marloes Sands being among the most delightful.

stunning beaches

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Thrilling activities

There is plenty to do on a Welsh staycation, with walking or hiking extremely popular activities. Mountain bike around the rugged countryside or take a trip on horseback to explore this stunning terrain. There are numerous golf courses offering challenging rounds combined with fabulous views and plenty of opportunities for fishing. For something a little more extreme, try white-water rafting on the River Tryweryn or surfing at Port Neigwl. You could even have a go on one of Wales’ newest tourist attractions, the world’s largest underground trampoline, located in Blaenau Ffestiniog slate cavern.

World-class attractions

This fascinating country has a rich heritage to discover, with numerous historical landmarks that draw visitors from all over the world. There are over 500 castles, from the majestic Caernarfon to the charms of Laugharne, a quaint building in the seaside town immortalised by Welsh playwright Dylan Thomas. Cardiff is a thriving cultural centre packed with museums, galleries, shops and of course, a world-famous rugby stadium.

Hospitable accommodation

Wales has a great selection of holiday accommodation to suit any requirement. Opting for a timeshare allows you to enjoy a choice of different types of lodgings in locations all over the country, from cute little cottages on the coast to grand country estates in the depths of the Welsh Valleys. Fully equipped with all the household equipment and bedding you could need, this type of accommodation is convenient and flexible. In addition, many timeshare parks offer great amenities such as swimming pools, golf, tennis and spa facilities and even fine dining and entertainment. Companies that specialise in how to buy and how to sell a timeshare will have an array of different accommodation options for you to explore. Wales has also become synonymous with great food, with the current trend for fresh seasonal produce something modern Welsh restaurants have wholeheartedly embraced.

You don’t need to travel abroad to explore breathtaking countryside or try new and exciting activities. With so much to see and do, Wales offers a wealth of fabulous experiences right on your doorstep.

Building Tourism via Online Journey Portal as a way for Several Provisions

India is becoming among the favorite travel and leisure destinations on the planet in present travel situation. To a sizable extent, the stunning sceneries as well as sightseeing locations interspersed through the country have the effect of this pattern. But, the growing role associated with online journey portal can’t be subjugated by any means. There tend to be many journey agents within India, specifically within Delhi and also the surrounding Nationwide Capital Area, who are ensuring the worldwide and household tourists obtain the best from their offers in visit packages.


Organizing various functions by journey agent assists in prosperous trips in order to Indian sightseeing locations

Tourism within India gets developed because of multifarious factors, one from the important becoming the existence of numerous travel broker in Delhi NCR and also the facilities supplied through on the internet channels. The job of the actual travel broker technically would be to arrange for that transport from the travellers in one place to a different. But, within the vast globe of travel and leisure, such a real estate agent is operating towards producing the holiday trips successful in a variety of aspects through arranging several features within the vacation.

Taking care of the journey aspects within flights, locomotives and chartering

When the actual arrangements with regard to vacation outings are carried out through the aid of online journey portal, the journey agencies can cater to numerous aspects, that are also very necessary within tourism. The very first thing required may be the ticket reservations for passengers for their destinations. There are numerous destinations in order to which worldwide holiday bundle India could be arranged. These spread in the historic ancient monuments in Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi as well as Uttarakhand within the North towards the beautiful as well as scenic distribute of seas and seashores with superbly sculpted temples from the South. In order to such locations, tourists arrive with the bookings done through the online journey agents within trains, plane tickets and chartering.

Booking associated with cabs to maneuver about as well as hotels with regard to comfortable remain

After achieving the locations, there tend to be further reservations done with regard to cabs as well as taxis to assist tourists move in one location towards the neighboring location for sightseeing. Accommodations will also be arranged via these brokers, so which tourists don’t have to worry concerning the places they would end up being staying. Hotel bookings in a the main country can be achieved by the actual travel broker in Delhi NCR, due to the collaborations as well as partnerships along with various resorts across Indian. In this fashion, almost every the main travel as well as stay is looked after by these types of travel companies.

Relaxed outings to Indian through beautiful planning through the travel sites

Through on the internet travel website, tourists may plan away their whole itinerary with regard to international vacation package Indian, allowing these phones relax and revel in their trips towards the fullest. You’ll be able to arrange each one of these provisions with the online indicates, which causes it to be further simpler to plan away vacations in order to India, thereby motivating tourism in the united kingdom. Such journey portals tend to be therefore regarded as the best way to allow tourists to obtain everything they require for his or her trips, including ideas and home elevators their journey and locations

Whale and dolphins watching in srilanka

Dolphins are often regarded as one of the most intelligent animals on planet earth. They are intelligent, social, ever smiling, mischievous in their own way and really a great source of pleasure and joy, when they put up a show. Whale / Dolphin watching tours and expeditions are increasingly becoming popular globally. It serves as a great tourism boosting initiative, makes commercial sense and at the same time can align to scientific as well as educational purposes.

Sri Lanka, a small island nation in SE Asia, over the years has become a major tourist hotbed for whale and dolphins watching. The industry has grown like anything over the last 10 years nominating Sri Lanka as one of the best places for watching blue and sperm whales.

Dondra Point / Mirissa
The deep southern waters of Srilanka off the Dodhra Point gives the tourists ample assurance of seeing Blue and sperm whales. Sperm whales migrate to the warmer waters of SE Asia thereby crossing the southern tip of the island nation during winters and summers. Also the Dodhra Point is a great place to watch the Pygmy Blue Whales. The Mirissa harbour serves as a getaway to the sea of Mirissa where you can watch blue whales as well as few types of dolphins. The best time for whale watching in the Dodhra point would be November to April. Mirissa is the nearest to Dodhra point with well-established accommodation options. Mirissa with its spectacular sandy beach is a tropical paradise. It also has two surfing points. One for the intermediate users and the other one for advanced ones.

Kalpitiya is another location in the western peninsular area of Sri Lanka which is evolving as a great place for dolphin sightings. If one is lucky enough and is at the right place and right time, hundreds and thousands of dolphins may put up a show in the waters of Kalpitiya. The place is mostly untouched by tourism but has its own unique offerings. November to April would again be the best time for visiting Kalpitiya for dolphin sightings. Kalpitiya is three hours drive from Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo.

Off the eastern shores of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee is another location which serves as a destination for Dolphin watching during the months of June to September.

There are very many government and privately owned tour agencies who conduct the whale and dolphin watching expeditions in all three places mentioned above. Please ensure you gather all information about the agency as well as boat operators beforehand. Almost all popular whale watching regions globally have strict norms and regulations and Sri Lanka also abides by the same. The regulations are in place to safeguard marine life and to curb biological and ecological effects of whale watching.

Getting In Sri Lanka is well connected globally through all major international carriers that operate to and from Colombo International airport to all global cities worldwide. Sri Lankan Visa must only be applied online for all countries except Singapore and Maldives before entering the country. The visa usually has three months validity and is double entry.Sri Lanka visa is must to visit srilanka.

Emily, writer from UK from working for Australian visa which provides a visa service to visit Australia.

Historic Attractions To Visit In London

London is noisy and vibrant, not only the capital but the largest city of the United Kingdom. With an estimated 14 million people within its confines, London is a city like no other, one of the world’s global centres, an international hub for music, fashion, finance, politics and trade.

Historic attractions in London

London boasts an illustrious history; more than the shopping arcades and fashion attractions, many a visitor will flock to London with the express aim of basking in the traditions and culture cemented within its numerous historical locations, with some of the most iconic sites on offer within the city of London including the following:

-Westminster Abbey

This medieval structure has been the site of many a memorable coronation and wedding, even burials; located in the centre of London, the Abbey came into being upon the will of King Edward the confessor in the eleventh century, completed and consecrated mere days before the Saxon king died. He would be the first among a long line of monarchs to find his resting place in the Abbey.

With over 30,000 persons buried within its confines, Westminster Abbey holds a central place within London’s history, the coronation chair standing as its most impressive artefact.

-Tower Bridge

Standing over the river Thames, the notion of constructing Tower Bridge first gained strength in 1876, this resulting from a need to accommodate the rising commercial development to the east of London Bridge. The position of the bridge initially created conflict with regards to the style of its construction which had to take into account the passage of ships, hence the utilization of a drawbridge.

Tower Bridge was competed in 1894 and opened by King Edward VII- the Prince of Wales at that time- and currently stands as an exhibition of structural engineering.

-The Tower of London

The so called white tower was commissioned by William the Conqueror, the first Norman King and was designed as a fortress whose construction went underway in the 1070s. Used to house the monarchs of England in the times of coronations, the Tower of London is best known for its role as a prison, known to have incarcerated many a famous name such as Ranulf Flambard, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I and Henry VI to mention but a few.

Many a mystery still plagues the tower’s history, this including ghosts and missing princes.

-10 Downing Street

While far from the most glamorous attraction, 10 Downing Street is an important site within London’s history; the location has played host to the British prime minister as a residence for several centuries now, since the 1730s, starting with Sire Robert Walpole, the first prime minister of Britain.

Initially three buildings that were juxtaposed into a single structure by William Kent, an architect, it is from this iconic address that the prime minister has run the country and entertained many a global leader for numerous years.

While ancient, 10 Downing Street has undergone renovations over the years to make it presentable to 21st century eyes. It is not possible to access this political location without an invitation, though the official website does offer a virtual tour. There is little point in going through the hassle of esta applications and coming to this great city without having a look at the nation’s seat of power.

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Easiest Ways to Get Insurance for Used Jeep

Actually, it is not that easy to make the process of finding the right and not very expensive insurance policy for your Jeep used or newly purchased enjoyable and effective. The great variety of insurance companies offering at times completely different prices and conditions is, on the one hand, a really good thing as you have a chance to choose and compare, but, on the other hand, it is rather complicated and baffling.


So, how to make this process more effective? First, go online and look for offers. Fill in the forms and get your quotes for your Jeep used or new from the insurers and use the received information to compare the costs and possible discounts. It is a rather time consuming but anyway, it is one of the most effectiveways.


The other idea is to turn to an agent and ask to adjust the insurance policy to your specific needs. Such an off-road vehicle as Jeep used or new (it doesn’t matter) may require additional points to its coverage and, thus, lead to different price rates. A good professional may as well consult you on the discounts your Jeep used can qualify for. For instance, such safety details your Jeep owns like anti-lock brakes, air-bags and other possible advances you have in your auto may influence on the price.


Even being assisted by a professional, you had better be well-informed and attentive to details, as you may realize that insurance agents not necessarily open up all of them to the clients. Their task, primarily, is to sell and earn. So your awareness is your key to success. Bear in mind that Jeep used is a four wheel with a sporty spirit which can imply higher initial insurance rates, as its owner might be a likelier participant in speeding and car accidents. So if you are usual client of road police with some fines in your past, consider attending safety driving classes which possibly could prettify your driving profile and give you a chance to reduce the price.


One more thing you should care about is local insurance law, it may differ from state to state, so look through the main requirements and make sure that all of them are covered by your insurance agreement.


So generally if you take into account the main points and compare the insurance quotes you may finally reach your goal and purchase a suitable policy for your Jeep used or new. Just don’t forget to keep it with you as you never know when it may come in handy.

Coach Trip drama just on TV screens

Since 2005 millions of viewers have tuned into watch Brendan Sheerin lead a carefully considered group of travelers on journeys of discovery as part of Channel 4’s hit Coach Trip show.

Dubbed Big Brother on wheels the show has been compulsive viewing, not just because of the spectacular and fascinating locations visited but also because of the ups-and-downs of the coach’s passengers – many chosen because of their outspoken views and confrontational personalities.


Image Credit

Many people would not fancy spending too long with some of the people featured in the show, but the good news is that this is one way that a television Coach Trip differs massively from the real thing. See how the fun unfolds at  but prepare for a much-more peaceful and social experience if you decide to experience the real thing.

Stress-free choice

The people who request a brochure and embark on real-life coach trips may like to watch drama on television but most have chosen this kind of holiday largely because of the lack of drama involved. There is not the stress of having to manage complicated transfers, sort out an itinerary and research the best places to eat and stay. This is all taken care of for you, allowing you to simply enjoy your trip.

One of the major attractions for fans of this sort of holiday is also the chance to get away by coach with a group of like-minded people. There is no playing up for the camera or quest to enjoy the most spectacular 15-minutes of fame. Coach holidays in the real world are situations where people revel in shared experiences and life-long friendships are formed.

Their appeal is also their accessibility. The ease of transport and huge variety of trips on offer open up a world of possibility for people of all ages and all confidence-levels. Different locations can then be viewed as eye-opening opportunities for adventure, rather than as a cause for concern, and there is never a chance of seeing some spectacular new sight only to find there is no-one there with whom to share the experience. Coach holidays can be as memorable for the different people you spend time with as for the sights experienced.

Social experience

Coach holidays can also prevent some of the most feared social experiences, such as dining alone. There should be no problem with eating on your own and yet, as the Guardian blog at AUTHORITY URL:  agrees, there are still many people who would rather starve than sit alone. Coach holidays make this scenario unlikely, however, and you are more likely to face the problem of choosing who you want to sit with rather than how you are going to cope with asking for a table for one.


Coach holidays allow locations that may have seemed inaccessible at one time to become available to people without the mobility, confidence or budget needed for some other holiday types. As long as you can pack your case – or get someone to do it for you – an array of new places are more accessible than they ever have been before.

A Backpacker’s Guide to Globetrotting

We all have things we like to indulge in. Some of us like gourmet cuisine and fine dining restaurants, while some of us may prefer takeout meals and pizza by the slice. Even with fashion some people have a very bohemian style of dressing and some people are all about power dressing.

The type of holiday you take also depends on your taste, style and way of life in general. Some travellers are very Type A – they like planned itineraries, guided tours and making the most of their holiday. Some may just prefer to check into a huge property with a pool and spa and never venture out. And then there are those who may rent a villa in South of France with a huge group of fellow travellers and soak up everything that place has to offer. They may take few months off every year and take off on a new adventure with their duffle bags. Apart from their travel insurance and passport, they may be far from organized as far as their travels are concerned.

If you hate set tours and pre planned holidays where each day’s outfit and agenda is mapped out in advance, then you proudly belong to the backpacker’s club. You want to study the local culture, eat the local cheese, go to the local farmer’s market and stay in a cute Bed and Breakfast where you can meet other backpackers who have come all the way to attend a music festival.

Here are some easy tips you should follow so that you don’t get into trouble on one of your escapades.

  1. It is extremely important to keep all your important travel documents carefully in one place. Misplacing your travel insurance, passport and so on can be very arduous and a mood killer when travelling. So keep all the documents safely in a pouch and keep a few photocopies of them in different parts of your bags.
  2. If you are a seasoned backpacker, you probably already know this – pack light. Since you will be bunking with unknown travellers and recent acquaintances, it can become hard for you to keep a tab on all your personal belongings at all times. Carry few clothes and toiletries and use the local laundry services to keep them clean and hygienic.
  3. If you are going to multiple countries on s single trip, make sure to check the different weather conditions in each of these places and pack accordingly. In some places, you may need ample sun screen, while in others you may need an umbrella or hand gloves.

As long as you are safe and prepared, you have nothing to worry about on your trip. Just make sure to get a good travel insurance cover, so that you are not stuck with an unforeseen situation at your favourite destination.

Article Contributed by RSA Insurance Group.


Street Art in the Community

According to The Guardian, students from Salendine Nook High School decided to test a few activities with their classmates as part of a major project to give part of their school a face-lift. One of the activities they tried was drawing a portrait of a student with the opposite hand they’d usually write with. After the students had done so, they were asked to complete the activity again but this time with their eyes closed.

The result was said to be “something deformed and wobbly” by Courtney Wilkinson, a student who was involved with the project.

In 2013, students hosted a competition named the “School We’d Like” contest and received a staggering £5,000 which they used to pay for a number of school improvements. The concept behind it was to cover the scruffy, run-down corridor with street art work that had been designed and created by fellow pupils. The student spent months trying out a variety of artistic techniques and now the first ever prints have been proudly mounted on the corridor walls.

Each piece showcased vibrancy and charm as well as a number of underlining messages.

Pupils who were involved with the project worked alongside a local artist who was originally found through the council. Michael Barrett taught the students the different styles that can be achieved through street art and the culture of this type of art today.

Barrett commented “we looked at everything from the basics of drawing to inks, light-box work and wheat paste-ups and we learned about how street art affects society and how it makes us feel. From that the students developed their own ideas.”

He also said that after the pupils had conjured up their ideas and concepts, the drawings were scanned and they were taught how to tidy the graphics on Photoshop and add a splash of colour to really make it stand out.

Barrett commented on the project, saying that providing students with this kind of ownership was important. Ben Robinson, a former year 11 student, said “It’s special because students have come up with the ideas. When we first entered the competition, we asked different form groups ‘what would be a good way to improve the school?’ Everyone was involved and the final artworks were all student ideas.”

Another year 8 student witnessed his artwork being put up in the corridor. He chose to design and create a phoenix rising from the ashes. Tauseef Ruddin said “we wanted to create something that expressed the idea ‘I can’, so I decided to show that you ‘can’ start afresh. A phoenix is an animal that comes back to life.”

On the picture, he added the words “new school, new life.”

The Guardian states that the project “hasn’t just transformed the school visually, it’s also enhanced academic work.” Assistant head teacher, Pippa Burgess, commented on the project, saying that pupils were encouraged to depict what makes the school special. With a slice of the money the school won, there are plans to develop the green space located near the corridor.

Burgess said “we’ve also got an allotment which we’re using to promote literacy and numeracy by asking students to come up with garden designs.”

She also mentioned how “one of the main challenges of the project was timetabling.”

“It’s always logistically difficult bringing lots of year groups together, which is why we had to do it after school. But, at the same time, that was something that was quite special about the project – it’s rare that people in different year groups get to mix.”

Salendine Nook also decided to get the local college involved. Burgess said “They had facilities we didn’t and it was nice for students to see the college because lots of them will go to study there when they’ve finished year 11.”

She added “students pass through the walkway every day, it’s something that everyone will benefit from.”

The school have plans to introduce the artwork into the local community. She said “We want to make them into key rings and bags and we’d like to get more T-shirts made up. People have got very fixed ideas about teenagers – it tends to be more negative things that go in the papers.”

“We want to send a message to our community that actually our kids are fantastic.”

If you love street art and would like to see more of it around the community, then why not join us on our street art London tour! The East End has an unbeatable collection of street art from big names and unknown paint warriors alike. Booking information is available on our website, but for more information please get in touch today!

The Ultimate American Summer Getaway: Tybee Island

Just a 20 minute drive east of Savannah, Georgia is a small island packed with plenty of laid-back summer fun for just about anyone. Known for its intense, diverse cuisine, art and history just as deep as this beautiful historic destination (learn more at, this island is the ultimate in summer getaways.

During the day, you can choose to be as lazy or active as your mood permits. If you like the outdoors, you can spend time exploring some of the islands three mile stretch of beach or head over to the salt marshes to check out some of the islands furrier residents. The island also offers kayak and bike rentals for those who enjoy outdoor adventures. Fishing is also a popular local past-time, and you can fish in the surf, off of a pier, offshore, or from a deep sea charter.

Art and shopping

If you love shopping and viewing art, you won’t be disappointed. Tybee offers a unique blend of boutiques, galleries, and hand crafted goods. Most of the shops are owned by local artists who are intrinsically talented and offer a wide range of handmade jewelry, drawings, gifts, paintings and trinkets unlike anything you will find elsewhere.


If you like to dine out while on vacation, the island has more than 25 different restaurants that cater to just about any taste and possibly something you haven’t tried before. While you’re there, don’t forget to try some famous fresh Georgia wild caught shrimp.


If it just so happens that you’re not a big fan of nature, food or shopping; there is still plenty for you to do from mingling with movie stars who visit frequently, to attending live concerts or one of the islands epic parties. The nightlife on the island brings a fun, casual atmosphere like none you will find anywhere else in the world.

Tybee is a peaceful island full of old Southern charm with a modern twist that is the perfect spot for a summer vacation no matter what your interests. There is so much to do and see that you will surely want to make a tradition of visiting at least once a year.

10 Important Strategies for Europe Disabled Travel

The Top ten Europe Disabled Travel Tips provide experiences through traveling along with wheelchair in order to over eighty cities within Europe as well as planning numerous trips with regard to other handicapped travelers. Prepare well for the trip, follow these Top ten Europe Disabled Travel Ideas, and travel by having an open thoughts…. you’ll make sure to have an excellent accessible Western vacation!

Strategy ahead, strategy ahead, strategy ahead: Are you aware that Herculaneum offers nearly similar ruins because Pompeii but is extremely wheelchair pleasant? And which disabled luxury cruise passengers do not have to take the actual “donkey path” in the cliffs whenever visiting the actual island associated with Santorini? Virtually every accessibility barrier could be overcome or even circumvented using the right quantity of planning.

Book resorts far ahead of time: It is nearly always less expensive to guide your obtainable hotel lodging FAR ahead of time. Many handicapped hotels within European town centers possess only one or two disabled rooms in hotels. The greatest ones obtain booked really far ahead of time! We frequently plan trips for individuals 9 months ahead of time and location them within the most inexpensive, most obtainable, most centrally-located rooms in hotels.

Your obtainable guided tours will probably be the greatest memory you have: We listen to it again and again. Seeing an attractive city such as Florence or perhaps a bustling town like London is a good experience. But to genuinely appreciate the actual special characteristics from the city, you may need a tour guide to indicate the intriguing hidden background behind exactly what you’re viewing.

Without the tour manual, you may walk/roll correct past Hitler’s bunker within Berlin, the location where Street. Peter preached within Athens, or the place of the actual infamous guillotine within Paris. Tour guides won’t show you the town… they’ll provide you with back in its history to experience exactly what has happened within the city.

Very carefully plan your own route: Knowing what you’re engaging in before a person arrive, you will have a much simpler time in your trip. Often there are many options to obtain between the different tourist attractions that you are so wanting to see. Some routes may have wheelchair ramps, sleek pavement, as well as flat landscape. Others might have steep hillsides, bothersome (and actually dangerous! ) cobblestones, as well as flights associated with stairs.

Remain in the the majority of accessible areas of town: It’s probably the most difficult areas of planning your own accessible journey. You might have found an excellent accessible resort, but what’s going to you find whenever you walk/roll out the leading door? Are presently there hills everywhere? Will you need to roll more than cobblestones to obtain anywhere? Exist accessible dining places nearby?

Obtainable public transport options: When selecting a hotel, be sure to factor in the buying price of transportation. If you need to pay for any taxi to get at accessible dining places, accessible buying, and the attractions, that resort “deal” a person found will not feel therefore like such a great deal.

Experience associated with other European countries handicapped vacationers: You’re probably not the very first disabled person to go to your location. Find away the ease of access challenges which other handicapped travelers experienced and that they got close to them. You can examine the numerous online journey forums to locate previous tourist experiences.