Great Shopping Ideas for Christmas at Tweedmill

With Christmas lurking around the corner, the Tweedmill shopping outlet provides a huge selection and great shopping ideas for Christmas.

Tweedmill is located at Llannerch Park, St Asaph in Denbigshire. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 up to 18:00 and on Sundays from 10:30 to 16:30. It is closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

There are extremely vast selections of departments and there is no doubt that one can do all the Christmas shopping one needs to do all at the Tweedmill. Apart from the general ladies wear, men’s wear, footwear, home wear, and garden centre, shoppers can enjoy the brands department if they are looking for gifts from a particular brand or feast in the cook shop if you need a special gift for a culinary connoisseur.

The Mill Clinic will provide shoppers with foot care, holistic therapies, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and sports therapy. These therapies make excellent gifts for the health and wellness conscious minded. All is available in the ladies department and gift vouchers for these treatments are available. Best of all is that it is not always required that bookings are made.

At The Cutting Mill, men and women can enjoy a range of treatments from hair care, beauty treatments, pedicures, manicures and many more. An in house beauty therapist will gladly assist patrons choosing the best available treatments for every member in the family.  Free skincare consultations are available and apart from the general various beauty ranges some travel size products are also available. The Cutting Mill definitely allows patrons to choose a special beauty treat for Christmas whether it is for themselves or a dear friend or family member.

Fresh produce and locally produced products are always special gifts that are more often than not more appreciated than typical Christmas gifts. The pleasure of the gift is personal and the enjoyment often last longer than most other gifts do. At the Mill Farm Shop shoppers will be able to pick and choose from a showcase of locally sourced and produced Welsh products.

Apart from the admirable selection of freshly baked breads, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and hand made cakes, one can choose to gift some special oils, dressings, speciality teas, jams, marinades, cooking sauces, relishes, curds, chutneys and marmalades all produced in Wales.

For those who appreciate a something little bit stronger, the award winning Ciders, Ales, and Lagers from resident Welsh producers is a good choice. For those people who love to gift a good wine or other alcohol products such as Brecon Vodka and Gin, Penderyn Whisky, Welsh Liqueurs or Welsh Wine will find the selection at The Mill Farm shop sufficient for the most discerning consumer.

It can not be disputed that if people want a one stop sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere to do their Christmas shopping, The Tweedmill is the ideal place to go. One can find just about anything for the most particular loved ones without driving around for days on end and make it an enjoyable, fun filled, relaxing Christmas shopping trip.

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Mussels and Myriads: The Glorious City of Perth

Perth is a large city with a number of attractions and visitor haunts. From dining and night life scenes to culture and art, you can discover here all that Australia is. Although synonymous to the rest of Australia, it still has a unique charm of its own. Active yet calm, laid back but still fun, you will find that your visit to Perth is a surprising one full of contradictions.


Basking in the Glorious Sun

The city has an array of beaches. Some popular for their notorious parties, others quietly tucked away in a corner for ones seeking to relax. Just like the general atmosphere of the city, the beaches here are a wonderful attraction. They also have a number of spots from where you can view whales, enjoy water sport activities and unwind while sipping some delicious cocktails.

See the Sights of the Native Lands

Perth has a culture as diverse as the weather here. The local inhabitants have been occupying the land for over 40 thousand years and have withstood changes such as being taken over by the British as well as bowing to modernism.

However, you can explore the proud local culture here by exploring the regions or visiting places such as the Western Australian Museum. They not only have on display local exhibits but have ones from around the world.

When in Perth also remember to visit one of the nature walk trails or reserves. From joeys tucked into the pockets of the mama kangaroo to adorable koalas hugging trees, even the toughest hearts will melt here.

Exploring the City as a Local

Cab fares can turn out to be quite expensive here. It is a much better option to rent out a car for your stay. Not only will it be more budget friendly but with a Hertz rental you can discover the true meaning of luxurious travelling. The roads of Perth are beautiful to drive on and coupled with the Hertz navigation system, a breeze even for tourists.

Besides the myriad of attractions this city has to offer, there are arrays of restaurants and shops to discover. Local artists with their unique creations to popular fashion labels, one can find anything in Perth. Drive over to one of the Oyster Bay restaurants and sample delicacies of fresh seafood and truffle based dishes. With Hertz as your partner in Perth, your trip is bound to be an unforgettable memory.

The Best Multi Centre Itineraries

As the idea of multi centre holidays is become more and more popular every coming day, the travellers are looking for the best and most interesting packages available. The holidays mean a lot to the families looking for real fun and relaxation from tense and monotonous rhythm of job, business and other huge social responsibilities. The possibility of finding a smart plan of multi centre trip is quite high as many travel agents are preparing well-organized plans to a number of destinations in the world. Following are the best multi centre itineraries you can find:


Malaysia Multi-Centre Holidays

Combine various beach spots within your lively and fascinating selection of Malaysia to include Borneo’s magical rain forests, beach, and city of the country. You can combine Malaysia with other countries in the region to get a more inclusive experience of this part of Asia.

Bali Multi-Centre Holidays

It is well known that Bali is the most sought island in the world by the holiday makers, which offers an unprecedented holiday experience. You can easily combine Mali with one or two more featured holiday destinations in Asia to make an exciting holiday package for you and your family.

Sri Lanka Multi-Centre Holiday

There are several multi-centre holidays to Sri Lanka and the combination comprises of the islands at the Indian Ocean. The place is great in natural beauty and cultural heritage. Design your package with the help of an experienced travel agent and enjoy your holidays in the vicinity of Indian Ocean.

USA Multi-Centre Holidays

United States has all sorts of holiday pleasures to offer to the holiday makers. The combinations are several and choosing a package that suits your interests and time of the year is entirely up to you. For example there is New York, Hawaii and San Francisco package; Anaheim, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs package; Boston, Washington and New York package; Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans package and Finger Lakes, New York, Niagara, Itchia and Rochester package are a few multi-centre packages to mention from a huge list.


Dubai and Mauritius Multi-Centre Package

This is a exclusive package full of unique experience of the weather of these places and cultural heritage.  

Europe Multi-Centre Holidays

It is a great offer with Germany, France, Netherland, Austria and Italy in one holiday package. There are other shorter packages which you can pick if you have little time with you.

Other than these there are African multi-centre holidays which make a fine combination of some of the most marvellous destinations in Africa. You can choose yourMulti Centre Itinerarieswith ease as the options are wide and quite flexible according to the size of your journey time, family members and budget. Choosing the package is entirely up to your own personal choice but still you can find valuable advice from the travel experts in a travelling office you trust on.

Start planning for your holidays a few weeks before the actual time to have ample time ahead to compare the packages in regard of destinations, expenses and duration time.

Download Last Version of Skype:

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Past vs. Present

There was a time on this universe when people used to travel on the camels and horses. They use to travel in gatherings because the distances were great and there was always a fear of being robbed or killed by the thieves and culprits. There was a time when people used to write letters to one another and then used wait for months for the reply of that letter. There was a time when the news from one city to another city was transported via physical persons that took months for the new to come o its destination. There was a time when there was no internet, television or any other electronic devices. As soon as the sun sets in it brought darkness everywhere and people used the lamps of oil to make their dark nights bright. There was time when there was no proper treatment of health and the people used to die of minor diseases like malaria. There was a time when there were no short messages, mms or the 3 g technology and the people were not aware of the fact that where their loved ones are, whether they are alive or have been murdered by any of their foe.

But now the time has changed. The science and its advancements have made us more civilized and more advanced. Now people do not travel on camels or the horses in fact they have cars, bikes, aero planes and ships. The distances of years have been reduced to just days. There is no place in this planet earth that can be regarded as far away because man with his pursuit of knowledge has been able to made many devices that can even fly in the air like birds and can take people to their destinations in much shorter time and safer mode. The cars that we have today are just simply marvelous. They are a great combination of elegance and the safety. They give you a boost for your personality and also protect your family by maintaining all the safety measure. Today we have cellphones that connect us to this entire world even without wires as all the technology now is wireless. You tube is also the great invention of this century. It is the platform that helps us to access millions of the videos all around the world. These videos can be watched and downloaded through the website This convertor is free to use and can be easily installed on your PC or laptop.

What to Discover in Bogota – 2600 Meters Closer to the Stars

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to a Latin American country? Then Bogota can be a great choice if you want to meet friendly people, enjoy a green city 365 days a year, discover cultural diversity and party like there was no tomorrow. Colombia’s capital is a huge city, it has over seven million inhabitants and many famous attractions for all tourists.

Colombia is getting noticed abroad and that may be one of the reasons why foreign tourist arrivals are growing every day. In fact, according to Statista, by 2010 31% of tourists arriving in Colombia were from the US -such a popular destination must have it’s charms.

So, if you are willing to have a different type of holiday in a country where people are happy by nature and you want to experience the way people live in South America; here is a list of the places you must see and do if you spend a holiday in Bogota:

Go to The Top of Monserrate

What to Discover in Bogota

The first place you should go to; the view from the top is truly spectacular. Monserrate is the mountain that dominates the capital and it is located in the downtown area. You can get to the top of this mountain by foot, aerial tramway, or funicular. You can see the entire city from the top of Montserrate – a memory that will stay with you forever.

Visit The Gold Museum

The Gold Museum was declared a National Monument and it is considered the world’s largest

of its kind. There you’ll discover how gold was used in the Pre-Hispanic societies that used to live in the area that is now Colombia. The Bogota Gold Museum has close to 34,000 gold pieces, which you and your friends won’t want to miss.

Discover Local Markets

Colombia has exotic tropical fruits you have probably never seen before. In a tropical country like Colombia you can have a broad variety of cheap fruits throughout the year, so make sure you visit a local market and pick either a known favorite or a new never-tried-before one.

Taste Colombian Cuisine

Colombian gastronomy varies from region to region. Even though there is a wonderful choice of restaurants in Bogota with food from all over the world, there is one place you can’t miss: there’s a famous restaurant called “Andrés Carne de Res” which splits customers into Hell, Purgatory and Heaven- just as the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri! The experience alone is worth the trip, but the food will make you love it. You’ll be Instagraming the dishes for sure. Enjoy typical Colombian food and also party Colombian-style.


Immortalize Your Memories

Take lots of pictures of your adventure and don’t forget souvenirs for your family and friends. If you’re going on backpacker mode and don’t to waste precious time choosing souvenirs, or luggage space consider getting canvas prints.

When I came back to the US from my trip, I ordered customized postcards, mugs and tote bags. I chose the best shots from my trip personalized “souvenirs” for select friends and family for under $60 Wonder how I did it? I ordered them here .


Ready for your next trip?

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Where to take your kids skiing in the US

Knowing the best places to take your kids skiing in the US depends on their personal interests and what activities you intend to engage in on your holiday. Every skiing location has its benefits and negatives with differences in entertainment options and skiing facilities. These factors have been considered in the compilation of these recommendations.

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is very popular with kids, with themed attractions, a gondola designed for children and an attractive village skating rink. Lots of families choose this location because of its fun and safe environment, where parents often feel comfortable allowing their children to ski unsupervised. There is a large area at the base that is skiable, meaning that you and your children can save time by spending less time on lifts.

Park City

If your children are interested in history, this historic silver mining town provides an experience defined by a combination of learning and skiing. Having developed into a town, shopping and restaurant needs are dealt with. The town is very conveniently located near the skiing facilities. Therefore, you will not have to face the problems related to travelling long distances with your kids.


With impeccable customer service, amazing views of Lake Tahoe, powdery snow and runs that are suitable for all levels, Heavenly is a perfect place to have a stress-free family skiing holiday. Its mild climate gives children fewer reasons to complain. Plus, there is a great range of activities besides skiing that are suitable for you and your children including a great number of outdoor picnicking areas.


As the second largest in the nation, Snowmass is an exciting place to ski in for children. All skill levels of skiing are catered for, making it a safe and non-judgemental environment for you and your children to learn how to ski. Family friendly accommodation exists and there are great restaurant options. The three-story Treehouse complex is highly entertaining for children and gives them supervised program options if they feel like taking a break from skiing.


Similar to Park City, Breckenridge is a great place to take your children skiing if history is one of their interests. With a unique combination of mining history and skiing, you and your children can observe the historical buildings that have been well-preserved or explore the safe ski resort. Lots of skiable terrain exists at the top and the bottom of the mountain, which is suitable for children.

Author Bio:

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Tips for Snowboarding Beginners

If you’re looking for a little excitement, snowboarding can be a fun way to get some fresh air and exercise. If you’re not quite sure where to get started, here are some steps to help you out:

Find Your Stance

Firstly, we do highly recommended that before you start off on your initial snowboarding journey that you do book and organize lessons. Like driving a car, tuition is key to make your holiday a success and starting off with the proper basics will help enable you to use the mountain wisely and safely. Additionally it will make the overall trip more enjoyable.

 The first thing you’ll need to determine before you start snowboarding is which foot you’ll be pushing off with. “Natural” means leading with your left foot and pushing with your right, while “Goofy” is the opposite. One way to figure this out is to see which foot you lead with when sliding forward, or if someone pushes you from behind; that’s the same front foot you’ll want to use while snowboarding. Similarly, the foot you use to brace yourself when pushed backwards will be your back foot in snowboarding.

*If you have surfed or did skateboarding prior to your trip, you may find it helpful using the similar stance you used for both of these sports.*

You’ll also want to keep your stance an inch or two wider than your shoulders. Narrower stances can cause issues with turning. Making your stance especially wide will help to center your weight for big spins, although carving doesn’t require as much.

When it’s time to strap on your snowboard, you’ll probably find it easier at first to put on your bindings while sitting down. Always strap on the front first; you’ll want to keep the back free while going to and from the chair lift until you’re ready to go down the hill. First push your heel into the heel cup, buckle the ankle, and then buckle the toe strap.

If you can buy or rent a board ahead of time, you’ll also want to practice moving around on the board indoors, on some carpeting or an old blanket.

Moving, Turning and Steering

When you finally get on the hill, you can start by doing some straight runs down. Point your board down the hill with your back foot off, and then step on with your back foot. Keep your weight evenly distributed. You’ll want to do this close to the bottom of the hill, not from the top.

Turns should be from the lower body, initiated from your knees and hips. This is easier than twisting the upper body. You’ll also want to avoid putting too much weight on your back foot—this will start to lift the front, making control more difficult. Keep your weight evenly distributed or slightly forward.


Falling is necessary in everyday snowboarding. It helps us adapt to every facet of the sport – the terrain, the weather, the environment, the gear. The best of skiers have their days and sooner or later they do fall – it is a great wake up call.

If you can, try to fall uphill. The most important thing to remember is to relax and roll with the fall rather than break it. When falling backward, the best thing to do is try to lower your center of gravity and sit down. You’ll also want to keep your hands in a fist and avoid locking your arms, to protect your wrists. Lifting up your toes or heels quickly when the edge of your board starts to catch can help keep you from falling in the first place as well. Be especially careful on flatter ground; you’ll want to keep making slight turns to keep your board from slipping around and catching the edge.

Don’t be intimidated by not being able to do fancy snowboarding tricks right out of the gate. Once you’ve got the basics down and are able to get down the hill smoothly, you’ll be ready and on your way to doing what you want. And most importantly, have fun!

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Discover the hidden gems of Wales with a British staycation

A holiday should be a fun and relaxing experience but arranging flights abroad, with long hours of travelling and packing restrictions, can leave you feeling less than refreshed. Arranging a holiday in the UK can be a stress-free option. Shorter travel times, flexible accommodation choices and no language barrier or foreign currency to master are just a few of the reasons why staycations have become an increasingly popular option. With plenty to do and a wealth of stunning countryside to explore, Wales is a fabulous holiday destination for all the family.

Stunning scenery

One of the big draws of Wales is its spectacular landscapes, from the bold mountains to the green lush valleys. The National Parks of Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons offer unrivalled opportunities to enjoy perfectly unspoilt surroundings with plenty of dramatic views. If you want a break from the mountains, Wales also has some truly stunning beaches, with Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula and Marloes Sands being among the most delightful.

stunning beaches

Image credit

Thrilling activities

There is plenty to do on a Welsh staycation, with walking or hiking extremely popular activities. Mountain bike around the rugged countryside or take a trip on horseback to explore this stunning terrain. There are numerous golf courses offering challenging rounds combined with fabulous views and plenty of opportunities for fishing. For something a little more extreme, try white-water rafting on the River Tryweryn or surfing at Port Neigwl. You could even have a go on one of Wales’ newest tourist attractions, the world’s largest underground trampoline, located in Blaenau Ffestiniog slate cavern.

World-class attractions

This fascinating country has a rich heritage to discover, with numerous historical landmarks that draw visitors from all over the world. There are over 500 castles, from the majestic Caernarfon to the charms of Laugharne, a quaint building in the seaside town immortalised by Welsh playwright Dylan Thomas. Cardiff is a thriving cultural centre packed with museums, galleries, shops and of course, a world-famous rugby stadium.

Hospitable accommodation

Wales has a great selection of holiday accommodation to suit any requirement. Opting for a timeshare allows you to enjoy a choice of different types of lodgings in locations all over the country, from cute little cottages on the coast to grand country estates in the depths of the Welsh Valleys. Fully equipped with all the household equipment and bedding you could need, this type of accommodation is convenient and flexible. In addition, many timeshare parks offer great amenities such as swimming pools, golf, tennis and spa facilities and even fine dining and entertainment. Companies that specialise in how to buy and how to sell a timeshare will have an array of different accommodation options for you to explore. Wales has also become synonymous with great food, with the current trend for fresh seasonal produce something modern Welsh restaurants have wholeheartedly embraced.

You don’t need to travel abroad to explore breathtaking countryside or try new and exciting activities. With so much to see and do, Wales offers a wealth of fabulous experiences right on your doorstep.